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About Us

The Mortgage Advisory Council ("MAC") is a consulting firm that provides Outsourced Secondary Marketing Services to mortgage companies nationwide. We have been providing services since 1998. Our corporate offices are in California and we have professional full time consultants residing in other states such as Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota. Our clients have had funding ranges from less than $10 million to as much as $250 million monthly. We serve retail only and wholesale only clients and those who are both retail and wholesale. We are involved in prime, FHA, alt-a, subprime, and the various seconds such as closed-end and HELOCS every day. Many clients start out as rate sheet only clients but soon become full service secondary marketing clients based on the quality and value of the service they receive from us. We are very serious about what we do and take the profits we can help our clients earn very seriously. We protect our clients' profit margins and at the same time we are sensitive to their staffs and originators needs.

The Mortgage Advisory Council only concentrates on secondary marketing unlike some consulting firms who try to do everything from lead sales to servicing acquisitions. We serve our clients by providing the best mix of traditional and technological mortgage banking tools available. We do all the work for our clients with our employees and there is no software to buy, no staff to train, and no updates to purchase. What this means to our clients is that they receive the benefits of something that actually works at an affordable price, including access to real human assistance. This is why we truly believe we are the best Outsourced Secondary Marketing Service in the mortgage industry today. Our clients have stopped paying higher salaries, matching taxes, medical benefits, vacation pay, sick pay, etc. The Mortgage Advisory Council has the burden of all these costs and we will be there everyday fighting for every dollar and more that our clients should be making.

We Look Forward to Serving You!
Mortgage Advisory Council, Inc.
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