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Rate Sheet Service

Our Rate Sheet Services include the design, preparation, and distribution of rate sheets on a daily basis. We prepare rate sheets each morning, post rates for easy access via the web and deliver rate sheet links by email if needed based on our clients' approved investors.
  1. Our rate sheets our customized in the name of our clients and show the rate, price, and adjustments normally required to provide price quotes and lock requests to retail and wholesale originators of loans.
  2. Rate sheets are divided into three basic types:
    1. Prime, FHA and VA
    2. Alt-A
    3. Sub Prime

    Seconds (Closed End and HELOC) may be included for each type. We also produce 80-20 combo programs or break out other specialty programs.

  3. Rate sheets if utilized properly are a:
    1. Symbol of Company stability, dependability and reliability to your Company's staff and their loan officers, as well as, brokers and their respective staff and loan officers.
    2. Communication Vehicle that on a daily basis:
      1. Organizes available pricing in a proven yet simple manner for everyone you want to have access to your rates
      2. Establishes and builds credibility especially when made available on a consistent basis
      3. Is a private label price guide that promotes in-house production vs. brokering of loans
      4. Projects and enhances pricing image without compromising Company profitability
    3. Strategic Tool that provides an opportunity for higher profit margins:
      1. On in-house vs. brokered loans because there is a chance to make more money on each loan. When brokering everything is disclosed-not only to the borrower but to loan officers as well.
      2. By spot marketing to direct volume to products and investors that have volume bonus thresholds or to push product for mini or standard bulking. This can be as simple as a monthly marketing message that is repeated on the daily rate sheet.
      3. By utilizing long term pricing strategies based on product segmentation, lock request patterns, timing, and other internal Company variables which are all intended to increase our clients' profitability.
Please contact us if you want a common sense approach to gain more control of your business and turn the production of your daily rate sheet to professionals who do this on a contract basis requiring no vacation time, no sick days, or who will not leave you for the next job opportunity.
Mortgage Advisory Council, Inc.
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