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  Our Services

  1. Rate Sheet Services
    Our Rate Sheet Services include the design, preparation, and distribution of rate sheets on a daily basis. We prepare rate sheets each morning, post rates for easy access via the web and deliver rate sheet links by email if needed based on our clients' approved investors. Our rate sheets are customized in the name of our clients and show the rate, price, and adjustments normally required to provide price quotes and lock requests to retail and wholesale originators of loans.  
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  2. Lock Desk
    Our Lock Desk is fully staffed 8+ hours per day for price quotes, lock requests, investor commitments, extensions, and modifications via Email, Fax, Phone, or our proprietary web-based MACTrac system.

  3. Secondary Marketing Assistant
    Our Secondary Marketing Assistant includes efficient and accurate data entry into most loan origination systems (LOS). Examples are:
    1. Corporate gain on sale entries
    2. Universal program code system (if needed)
    3. Key underlying parameters such as index, index value, and caps for ARMS which limits errors and assists in the accurate drawing of loan docs and the funding of loans.

  4. Matrix Services
    Our Matrix Services include Private Label investor matrices designed and produced for most every investor product. We maintain the matrices as investor change their guidelines.  
The Mortgage Advisory Council is an outsourced secondary marketing consulting firm.

Mortgage Advisory Council, Inc.
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